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15th May 2024

Reserved for members of the GSGC - reserviert für Mitglieder des GSGC.

The Asparagus Season unfortunately has ended at This and This.

It's Asparagus Season at This and This!

All our Asparagus dishes are prepared with fresh white Cavaillon Asparagus imported from France.

Due to popular demand, we offer these dishes from 19th April every day until middle or end of May!
Please check this article or call us at 063 213 3736 to verify we still have stock. Available only as long as this article is published on our website.

Come to This and This and enjoy one of our 10 variations of Cordon Bleu. Available exclusively from Friday 29th March until Monday 8th April in This and This, so don't miss out this special treat! Klick to find the Cordon Bleu variations.

Try our special pasta dishes from 16th to 18th February in This and This.

Come to This and This on 14th February to have a drink, a cocktail, or a glass of Prosecco for a special Valentine's Day treat. Or book a table to have a romantic dinner with your special one and enjoy our food in a romantic ambiance at This and This.

Indulge in a cheese fondue made from freshly grated Swiss cheese, try one of our special dishes available from Valentine's day onward, or one of our dishes from our à la carte menu.


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