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Privacy Policy

This page explains how and when your personal data is collected, processed and used when accessing or any of its subdomains. Basis of all processing are the terms of the EU Data Protection Rules (GDPR).

In the following text we use

  • “we” for the people managing the website or in GDPR speak: the controller
  • “you” for the users accessing the website or in GDPR speak: the data subject

We're not doing anything different than any other website on the planet, but it's only fair we explain it to you.

This text was written to be short and easy to understand by someone who is not a lawyer. If you feel something is not as clear as it should be, please let us know.


Cookies are small text files stored by us inside your browser. This allows us to give your browser a short- and long-term memory.

In general, all cookies we set are necessary to provide functionality on our sites. Overview of the cookies set in your browser:

Cookie Purpose Provider Expiry
bethico_cookies_tat memorize your acceptance of cookies First Party Cookie 90 days after acceptance
bethico_fragment facilitate page navigation (preserve query fragments) First Party Cookie 10 seconds
“random string” your choice of site language First Party Cookie current session
“random string” form token - a random token to avoid browser attacks and multiple submission of the form First Party Cookie current session

with this button. If you do not allow these cookies you need to navigate away from our site. Our cookies do not contain data which can be used for identifiation purposes.

Your browser has settings to control which cookies it accepts and for how long it stores them. The following links provide detailed information in English:


We have implemented our own Captcha service to prevent spam and abuse when you use the contact form to make a reservation. Unfortunately this is necessary to be able to cope with the many spam attacks which are common these days. Our Captcha service displays a small icon at the lower right corner of the pages where it is active. We do not rely on any external services for our Captcha protection, which is fully covered by our Privacy Policy.

Our Captcha service aims at telling humans apart from machines when filling out forms. If a form entry is recognized to be performed by a machine (e.g. bot) then the IP address will be registered and entered into a black list, so no further connection to our websites is possible from that IP address. When humans fill out forms no IP addresses are recorded.

If you do not accept our Captcha service you can still fully navigate our website, but you cannot make reservations.

Server Logs

The web server hosting our site will log each page access. This log will also contain some personal data:

  • your IP address
  • the referrer (where you came from)
  • your browser identification

This information is necessary for legal reasons and to analyse and prevent abuse. This allows us to keep users away who try to crash our server or to have necessary evidence in case of illegal or criminal activity.

Our server logs are automatically deleted after 30 days. We will only keep log files longer when they are needed as evidence during an investigation.

Contact form

If you use the contact form to Book a table on our site the following data is sent with the request:

  • name
  • email address
  • phone number
  • your IP address

This data is used to communicate with you, and is not saved by the web server. It is, however, saved by our email system used to send the email. The IP address is only used in case of abuse of our website or servers, as explained in paragraph Server Logs above.

IMPORTANT: under no circumstances will we ever share your name, email address, or phone number with anyone Please also read the next paragraph Counter measures to data leakage

Counter measures to data leakage

  • Our servers are protected by elaborate firewalls to avoid any data leakage online. However, like any web server accessible through the web, it is not possible to guarantee 100% security against cyber criminals.
  • We operate our own email server. Your data is not exposed to any offsite email service.
  • All data related to our services, which reside on our servers, are encrypted. Encryption keys are not stored on the same servers, so it's virtually impossible to gain access to any data related to our services, even in case of physical theft of our assets.
  • Should there be any data leakage, despite all efforts to avoid them, then we will undertake every effort to inform you with as much detail and information as possible, as fast as possible.

Third Party Processing

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn

We invite you to join our social communities, follow us and share our website and articles. As long as you do not visit the social media through these widgets no cookies are saved to your browser. If you click or tap these widgets your IP address might be exposed to those social community services. Note that no tracking is done through these widgets, they simply open a new window to facilitate you login to the service.

Your Rights

The GDPR guarantees your right to information about your personal data, as well as your rights to rectification, erasure, and portability (e.g. for transferring data). Furthermore, you have a right to restriction and objection of processing your data. You can withdraw your consent for our processing of your personal data at any time.

Feel free to contact us through the Book online contact form, so that we can work out how we can help you. If you already used our service please contact us directly at the email address provided before.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the designated data protection supervisory authority in the place you live or work.


Wir verwenden Cookies, um Ihr Seitenerlebnis zu verbessern, und Captcha, um Missbrauch vorzubeugen. Wir verfolgen und identifizieren unsere Benutzer nicht. Bitte lesen sie die Datenschutzerklärung.

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